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The world is a fascinating place. One that is filled with endless opportunities to explore.
Aiyer Shipping helps you chase these opportunities by delivering your precious cargo across the globe through our multimodal transportation solutions.

Why Aiyer Shipping?


Each of our services performs at an industry best level through technology backed management and guided by years of expertise. However, we feel our strength lies in bringing our clients a customized shipping solution using our multi-modal approach. Our solution-based approach towards logistics, unmatched network of destinations and integrated shipping solutions put together, gives you your fastest and most efficient shipping partner in us. Welcome aboard!

Our Services

We provide the complete range of services to take care of your logistics needs.

Box-Line Operations


Box-line operations or containerized operations are probably the most popular form of shipping services. Aiyer Shipping provides technology driven box-line operations wherein we help our clients make optimum use of our shipping services. We welcome load types of varying capacities, whether LCL or FCL. Our expertise lies in assisting our clients with punctual & hassle free box-line operations within their budget. Our deep understanding of the market and transport dynamics coupled with our box-line approach ensures your shipments move seamlessly from point-to-point.

Container-Line Agencies


We understand that the import/export business involves an immense challenge of ensuring timely delivery of cargo across the corners of the globe. Being a container-line agency, we offer regular, pre-defined routes to not only the busiest ports but also relatively lesser demanded ones. We provide advanced tracking capabilities which allow you to track your cargo with pinpoint accuracy throughout its journey. We have a range of vessels including container carriers, break bulk carriers, bulk, tankers and heavy lift vessels to ensure you find the one that suits your cargo and business needs.

Chartering & Fixtures


We don’t limit ourselves to just providing cargo services. We also offer chartering services where we make available an array of vessels to choose from. The choice can be basis the cargo type, shipment duration, a particular point-to-point voyage and much more. Another service we have mastered is consultation, wherein we assist you to choose the best charter within you budget. Our Fixtures offer compelling economical rates for chartering on a particular ship/vessel. You can leave finding the right vessel, arranging the agreement and everything in between to us.

Port Agency Services For Bulk Shipments And Tramp Vessels


Handling and shipping bulk cargo that ships to ports around the world needs extensive planning as well as execution. Knowing the exact legal and procedural requirements at each port is essential for transporting shipments smoothly and swiftly. All this is extensively covered in our port agency services. We are updated (to-the-minute) on port developments from across the world. We deploy this knowledge to plan everything in advance to ensure a seamless shipping experience across continents. We also have significant experience in handling dry bulk carriers and tanker vessels at various ports.

Break Bulk And Bulk Agency Services 


We also ship break bulk cargo or goods that do not fit in or utilize standard shipping containers or cargo bins. Whether it’s heavy construction machinery, oversized vehicles, specialized equipment or more, our break bulk services ensure these over-weight items are transported efficiently. We work with handling services that specialize in break bulk cargo so that all the loading/unloading is done individually and meticulously.
We have immense experience in bulk agency services wherein we have transported large quantities of a variety of goods like petroleum products, iron ore, grains and more. We suggest bulk agency shipment to clients who need multi-modal solutions as we ensure last mile delivery in many countries too.

Freight Forwarding


Our Freight Forwarding services stand out from the industry due to our unmatched efficiency and network with multiple carriers. Using Project Management Tools, we map the entire cargo journey, right from the pick-up stage till the end delivery, carefully accounting for every transport mode, port that it will pass along with documentations and timelines. We handle all functions including packing, storage inventory management, insurance, customs clearance, international export / import documentation etc., till the final receipt of the cargo. Our Freight Forwarding services are probably the most hassle-free in the industry.

Sea Freight 


Sea Freight is a very important logistical link for businesses as it’s the most efficient way of moving cargo across continents. And Aiyer Shipping understands the importance of this link, that’s why we have a solution for all types of cargo including Dry cargo, Reefer Cargo and Dangerous Cargo. Our Sea Freight solutions are backed by the highest level of customer services starting from sales through operational level till the cargo reaches the destination port. What truly sets us apart is a single window access to intelligent tracking and tracing of your cargo, Custom Report, Carbon footprint report among other information.

Air Freight


When you want to have cargo delivered in a speedy and safe manner, you can rely on the Air freight services by Aiyer Shipping. Our excellent professional relationship with major carriers, access to service routes and key gateways ensures that your cargo is on time, every time. Our Air Freight services encompass commercial airliners, dedicated cargo flights and charter services. Air Freight is an important component of our services portfolio as we secure special space allocations for our clients in a budget-friendly way.

Custom Clearance Services 


Even the most well-planned and efficient logistics strategies can be brought to a naught if the necessary paperwork and Custom formalities aren’t complied with resulting in loss of valuable time and sometimes damage to goods. Our Custom Clearance Services take out the hard work and rigorous follow-ups out of the Custom Clearances for our clients. We bring a superior expertise in keeping abreast with the latest custom requirements, changes in trade regulations and documentation updates. Our licensed, customs compliance experts provide customized, efficient and detailed customs clearance services that help expeite our clients cargo movement.



Shipping and logistics go hand-in-hand to ensure a seamless experience.  By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, we offer a seamless end-to-end solution with fewer logistic link in between. No matter what your warehousing needs with our extended network across the globe we can handle your supply chain at the port of origin or destination. We are adept at handling complex cargo movements and storages allowing you to cross dock where you can route cargo from multiple manufacturing sites to an advantageously situated distribution center.

Project Cargo Logistics 


Our Project Cargo Logistics services help in meeting shipment needs with customized time frames, infrastructure, multiple modes, handling equipment and more. We take care of not only the transportation but also customs, compliance, paperwork and tracking that is integral during project cargo logistics to ensure streamlined shipment of any kind of manufactured goods. So if moving high volume, high value freight is needed don’t look beyond us.

Multi-Modal Transportation


Multimodal transport implies using the most time-efficient & speediest combination of multiple modes of transportation to ship goods from one location to another. It is a highly customizable solution as it deploys the most optimum mode of transport to meet the cost and speed needs of our clients. Its here that our years of expertise shines through. We bring together options that are not only secure but also work towards your set goals. Even though it sounds complex, however, a single Bill of Lading ensures that Aiyer Shipping takes care of every intermediate step while you look at the bigger picture.

Industrial Packaging Solutions


Being in the shipping industry we have worked with clients across sectors like Aerospace, Engineering, Telecom, Energy, Healthcare etc. Working with this huge diversity we have learnt that the packaging needs of each sector are vastly different. This is reflected in our Industrial packaging solutions where we offer superior quality material to ensure the safety of valuable and sensitive products. We also customize packaging material and offer an array of materials to choose from like plywood boxes, wooden boxes, corrugated cartons, erosion packaging etc. The idea is to provide the best protection for your cargo within budget.

Aiyer Packaging and Transport Services Pvt Ltd

In 2019, we formed Aiyer Packaging and Transport – a sister company providing Industrial Packaging Solutions.

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